Investing Psychology

‘The psychology of investing matters more than knowledge.’ – Isaac Newton

Surely you’ve heard that the laymen are better at forecasting market trends, and the stock exchange is the only store that people run away from during promotions. These two things, as well as many others, have a common denominator – it is psychology.

We have already helped hundreds of novice investors to understand the mentality of the crowd, thanks to which they have secured their investments and have become immune to panic on the markets.

You don’t have to be an investing expert – you just need to understand and use a few principles. Moreover, it is impossible to be an investing expert without doing it full time.

When it comes to money, big or small, all the knowledge and skills acquired are of secondary importance. This is the secret of those who have achieved success.

Only mental resilience that allows you to stick to the chosen strategy and understanding the behaviour of the masses will allow you to achieve stunning profits.


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From our training you will learn:

1. What Isaac Newton teaches us about the superiority of the psychology of investing over knowledge?

2. Your greatest enemy – the herd mentality and what tulips have to do with it.

3. Coping with stress.

4. Behaviour of investors when asset prices rise.

5. Behaviour of investors when asset prices are falling.

6. Top 5 mistakes by which we lose money and how to deal with them.

7. The simplest strategy to bypass our anxieties and bad choices.

And much, much more!

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